Sometimes I'm extremely lucky and asked to take part in shows, interviews or sometimes even given awards! Below are some of my favourite things Yipori has been asked to be involved in.


I was invited by the long running magazine Web Designer to give an interview on how to use illustration in site design, I was given a double page spread and even made the inside cover.
Read more.


The CSS Awards are judged by a expert panel of the most important designers, bloggers and agencies from around the globe. I was lucky enough to be selected and showcased on their site, and included in their collection of inspirational site designs book.
See the review here, and details of the book here


Right at the beginning of Yipori I was invited to be interviewed by one of the largest multidisciplinary tutorial sites tuts+, the images used are quite old now but you can read the full interview here.


In conjunction with Leanna Lins Wonderland I was asked to exhihibit in LA to support the Pablove foundation for child cancer. With some of my favourite artists being involved and the chance to support an amazing charity I jumped at the chance.
See my entry here.


Lots of people have been very kind and linked me all over the internet, here are a few of the English language places I have been shared.

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Pixar times - Film news


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