Meet the...

They have 4 arms, 2 eyes and hidden nose (no one knows exactly where it is, they have been very sneaky in hiding this information.) They can be a bit clumsy, normally when thay are showing off by using all 4 arms at the same time.

A little known fact about Piplee's is that they can smell fish from over 2 miles away, which can be quite distracting. They don't actually care for fish that much, but if you're ever in need of a conversation with a haddock but don't know where to look, ask a Piplee.

Pronounced: pip-lee


Balloons (but only when there are hundreds.)
Racoon jam (Well who doesn't?)


Popping balloons (not only is it scary, it's a waste as there are at least a million uses for them as we all know.)


Ahhh look at them there. Click below to view some images featuing the adorable Piplees.


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