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Yipori is 2 years old!

Happy birthday Yipori! Now 2 years old (don't they grow up fast?!) Celebrate 2 years of Yipori with a brand new wallpaper just for you guys, which you can find here.

Happy Mothering Sunday

Hugs all round!

Happy Cake shop

Tasty treats sit in the sun, celebrating the start of spring.

The penguin in the background LOVES cake! (Fear not, he loves to be friends with the cakes and will NOT eat them) Sadly he has been bansihed to the window ledge for licking the icing and sniffing the jam, how very naughty.

Monsieur cake is only made out of the finest ingredients don't you know? what what. In his spare time he likes to solve murder mysteries and fight pesky bad guys. But the real mystery of what he keeps under his hat is ONLY known to him...

Kawaii Flower Guy

Kinda looks a little flower like and don't have a name for him yet (always find the naming bit tricky) so 'Kawaii flower guy' will have to do for now!

Take a relaxing swim

This little sea worm has on occasion been confused with the lock ness monster, but striving for his own individual style he finds this most fustrating! So now (when on holiday in Scotland) he can offen be seen wearing a "I'm NOT the lock ness monster!" tshirt to clear any sort of confusion up. That's using the old noggin.

Poplyo the (mystical) cat

Tiggle the tummy of a tumbling cat!

Not quite sure whats going on here, he looks quite concerned, maybe he's found something mystical in the mystical cats mystical ear... (mystical!)

Happy Halloween!

Watch out for monsters hiding in the night! And if you do run across any, just hide behind the nearest (friendly) giant pumpkin :)

Press Start

Yipori goes all 16 bit, giving you peek at what Yipori would look like if it was a game.

Very Berry

It's berry nice, almost too cute to eat?

New year balloon festival

The traditional balloon festival brings in the new year!


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