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Snow round

Enjoy the super happy winter wonderland.

TOP FACT: Penguins are the best animal at decorating Christmas trees!

Ginger bread men don't actually eat candy canes, they use them as fashion accessories to stand out in the crowd. This years colour is pink, lucky!

Shop now open!

Picture to announce that the Yipori shop is now... open! Where you can buy lots of cute gifts and presents for you and your friends.

Flower Coast

Watching over the Wimbits at Flower Coast.

Peas in a pod

Please don't eat these little peas!

These are my take on the incredibly cute 'Peas in a pod' characters from Toy Story 3, created for the awesome Pixar times blog, definitely a great place for all things Pixar, PLUS if you click here you can see lots of amazing Pixar illustrations, go check it out!

Origami Flight

Grab some paper, fold yourself a plane and take flight!

Of course your going to need a massive piece of paper unless your the size of a small mouse, in which case any piece of paper will do. (Damn those lucky mice, getting all the breaks.)

Of course don't forget your passport if you plan on flying far away, and if it's a really long journey it's best to pack a little snack. I'm going to take some jelly in the shape of a hedgehog with me (it's much tastier that way).

Penguin present

A little present for you!

Press Start

Yipori goes all 16 bit, giving you peek at what Yipori would look like if it was a game.

King Caterpillar

This particular caterpillar isn't actually a real king (I know! Pretty shocking!)

But whatever you do DON'T tell him that, other than it upsetting him, if he isn't king, who is going to make awesome royal decrees like 'one must have jelly and custard after every meal including breakfast'?!

Meet the Inkmallows

Learn a little bit about these loveable little white puffs of cuteness right here. Oh so cute I could eat one (probably best not to do that though)

Midnight Sun

The sun is setting, but the party continues.


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