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Kawaii math

OK get to your seats and no talking at the back, it's time for... Kawaii math! 1 + 1 = too cute!

Sleeping moon, busy planet.

The planets stay busy making jam, while the moon sleeps.

Snow monster march

The lovable snow monsters take a little wintry stroll.

It's getting a little nippy here now so am a little jealous of these little guys and their full body of fur.

Inkmallow Anniversary

A couple of Inkmallows celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!

Dance around Christmas

Everyone is having fun with family and friends!

Snow monster

Howdy! How are you today? This lovable snow monster doesn't say that much, but the little he does will always be cheery.

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines from the happy little sea worm.

Ninja Drops

The Ninja Drops attack, HI YAH!

The super steathly Ninja Drops pack a powerful punch, CHOP CHOP! They could actually be a little bit more steathly if it wasn't for their love of brightly coloured ninja shorts, but sometimes it's nice to look nice when saving the world.

The Jam Factory

The tastiest jam is being freshly prepared in the sky!

Pumpkin Surprise!

Grab your pointy hat and get ready for some magic!


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